10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hogwarts

6. Hogwarts directly inspired the creation of American school Ilvermorny. That school was founded by Irish witch Isolt Sayre who had never been allowed to attend Hogwarts by her evil aunt (Harry can relate). Nonetheless, she was enraptured by the tales of it and sought to create her own version when she reached the New World. Read more about that school’s history here.

7. The four houses are meant to represent the four classical elements – Gryffindor (fire), Slytherin (water), Ravenclaw (air) and Hufflepuff (earth).


8. The Sorting Hat started life as an ordinary hat worn by Godric Gryffindor. When he and his fellow founders were wondering how the students would be sorted when they themselves had died, Godric whipped the hat off his head. The founders then enchanted the hat to possess their combined intelligence.

9. Rowling isn’t certain where the name ‘Hogwarts’ comes from, though she thinks she subconsciously remembered the name of the Hogwort plant from a visit to Kew Gardens. Fans have often thought it was inspired by classic fantasy movie Labyrinth. In that, both Sarah and Jareth the Goblin King call Hoggle the Dwarf “Hogwart” by mistake.

10. Within the world of the story, it is thought by magical historians that Hogwarts gets its name from a dream that co-founder Rowena Ravenclaw once had of a warty hog leading her to a lake. The lake by which Hogwarts would be built.

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